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Updated Features – Maximise the Full Power of Social Media


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Reach – Drill down into your social monitoring & engage with bigger audiences first

Multiposting – Instantly share content across multiple social accounts

REACH – Calculate the size of the audience


Buzzbundle new features REACH calculate the audience size of social media postsAs you may already know – BuzzBundle monitors everything everywhere. Any mention of you / your brand / products / company name on any social media platform – Blog – Forum – Comment etc .  REACH is BuzzBundle’s estimation about the size of the audience following every discussion online.

The calculation is made up by a number of metrics that indicate engagement – e.g the number of the poster’s followers or friends, the post’s likes, shares and comments, etc. Reach is displayed for all posts in your streams, allowing you to instantly see how many people are exposed to any given conversation and also will potentially read your reply. You’ll also see Reach calculated for your own posts and see how much exposure each of them gets

Multiposting – share content across any number of social accounts in an instant

BuzzBundle multiple posting to EVERY social media platform - blog and forum new features available now Multiposting, another feature out today in BuzzBundle, lets you add posts under multiple Personas simultaneously at a single click of a button. This makes spreading the word on social media faster and more powerful than ever, ensuring that your posts reach more people and build more awareness.

You can also automate posting to your social pages by scheduling it, and set delays for the posts to appear on your social pages in specified intervals of time rather than simultanesouly — to ensure the sharing looks as natural as possible!

Things to consider

Ask any SEO or online Business Owner and they will tell you without hesitation you cannot have any worthwhile marketing without Social Media anymore. Wherever you look – whoever you ask your existing and potential  customers will always turn to social networks to learn about businesses – including yours!

Search engines like Google, BING, Yahoo etc now consider Social Signals as important quality indicators tht will affect your rankings. Social media marketing will affect your site’s rankings, site traffic and ultimately your bottom line – sales, as well as boost brand awareness and your company’s reputation.

You can do this manually but it is so time consuming and challenging it becomes an impossible task. BuzzBundle has been the #1 defacto tool of choice for Social Media Monitoring / Management and it just got a whole load more powerful. Stay one step ahead of the competition – go for the largest audiences first – and update instantly to all social channels.

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The only way to see it in action is to use it. You can download FREE a fully working copy. As always there is no quibbles MONEY BACK guarantee.  Once you set it up then let it run over in the background while you get on with other work.

It will produce a report and from there you can then start to engage with all your potential new customers from every website, blog, forum, video channel, social media platform you can think of.  There will be forums you will never heard of where customers are talking about your niche – engage with them directly – answers their problems – address their concerns – feedback about niche – but do it with multiple profiles – you personally, the CEO, the sale team or just someone from the general public.