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Instant mentions from all around the Web and social media.

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Get your own PR Secretary working for Your Business – Automatically 24/7!


People talk – everywhere, Websites, Forums, Chat Rooms, Social Media All Platforms. Want to know who is saying what about you and where ?

Post back using multiple different personas / profiles. Head of Sales , technician, Joe Public – anyone.  That tool is Buzzbundle 


BuzzBundle is the best way to promote your brand, drive traffic and power up your SEO campaign with social media monitoring / managing. Like having your own PR Secretary who does all the work for you in the back ground, without taking a break.

Any online business needs to utilise the massive potential of Social Media – here is how it can work for your business.

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buzzbundlke social media management software used by ALL major brands

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Setup your current and any new social accounts you want. Add multiple profiles, Schedule Posts, Target big audience conversations – build your brand / product / service – start today.

What is it ?

Software that monitors all social media platforms as well as blogs, forums, websites for conversations about your company / brand /products – including mentions about the competition. You can have multiple profiles enabled so you can respond on any level.

Why use it ?

It saves you lots of time and money. It can be automated and scheduled, one click and you can update / respond to any mention of you or your company, you can have multiple accounts / profiles, it will inform you of what the competition are saying / doing. You can engage with customers and potential customers 24×7 anywhere online.

Who is it for ?

Basically any website / company owner that has an online presence.  Even if you or your company are mainly a bricks and mortar company – if people talk about you online – you need to know about it. Your very own social media personal secretary, working 24×7 for you and will dig out even the smallest mention of whatever you ask it to – with a few clicks you can interact and respond or schedule responses.

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What is covered ?

All major Social Platforms are covered – FaceBook, Twitter, Blogs, Forums, LinkedIn and more

Other platforms are being added all the time – Vimeo, TripAdvisor,Yelp and others coming soon, you vote for what is important – do other tools have this coverage ?

Platforms and Functions Covered

Monitor mentions
Send tweets
Schedule tweets
Post tweet replies

Monitor mentions
Manage business pages
Send messages
Schedule posts
Comment – Like etc

Monitor mentions
Post replies
Add posts to your pages
Schedule replies
Comment   +1s etc

Monitor mentions
Publish updates
Schedule posts
Send direct messages
Comment, share, like

Monitor mentions
Post videos to your channel
Keep track of your subscribers list
Like/dislike videos and comments
Schedule video uploads and comments

Forums, Blogs, Q&A
Monitor mentions
Send messages
Schedule posts

Promote your brand and find new customers without having to rely on Search Engines


Internet users on Social Media, Blogs, Forums, Video Sites etc are talking about your marketplace. Imagine that you were alerted to this every time a potential customer mentioned your niche. Now it is a reality plus you can respond on any level, on any platform, automate posts, give out general advice on your area of interest – and claim the subject matter expertise handle that others used to.  Giving out helpful and meaningful advice that can be read over and over again by other potential customers – is a goldmine for your business – as they can turn into repeat paying customers.

  • Engaging with potential customers
  • Meaningful content marketing
  • Data graphs to track your campaign

Monitor any reference  to your brand  / keywords / products


  • Covers all social platforms
  • Real time data – works in the background on auto pilot
  • Important discussions are highlighted for you (new feature)

Manage all your company’s social presence


Buzzbundle is online 24/7 for you. What used to take someone 8+ hours is now done automatically for you by software. Post news and schedule messages to any of your social profiles.  You can partake in conversations and respond to potential customers on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn — all from one central dashboard.

  • Monitors Everything Everywhere
  • Easy automated scheduling
  • Handles All logins securely

Respond as multiple personasbig-clients

You create multiple ‘personas’ with multiple social accounts attached to each. You can be – for example – an official company rep for PR, CEO, customer support, yourself, your grand mother or just good old Joe Public – BuzzBundle handles it all.

  • Unlimited personas, unlimited profiles
  • Easy change persona
  • Multi broadcast from all your profiles at once

In Summary

Advanced management – Easy posting and messaging

Hundreds of social accounts – Reputation + social SEO in one tool

See who’s saying what about you or anyone else

See whats trending for your keywords

Manage social media activities

Communicate using different profiles / personas

Keep an eye on competitors’ social media

Spend less time doing social media management jobs get more done in less time.

No need to log in and out of social accounts. Easy to manage all your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other profiles in one place.

Automate & Schedule – be online 24/7,  schedule posts, messages, comments, replies and retweets for a set date and time.

It’s simple to use — start getting things done immediately after  installation

clients of buzzbundle - who uses buzzbundle
buzzbundle social media monitoring and management tool download free

Multiple personas and profiles, lots of social networks, unlimited scheduling – you get it all in BuzzBundle social media management tool