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Search Engines tools to give your sites a competitive advantage ?

They are used by business owners, SEO professionals, Web Agencies to propel their sites, gain revenue through higher rankings, unique search queries and give you perfectly optimised web pages.

Keyword Research 

Website creator, SEO agency or a hands on business owner ?

Discover “exactly” what people are typing into Search Engines ?

How many searches per month ?

How many competing webpages there are for that “keyword phrase”

The sweet spot is any keyword phrase that has lots of searches per month and very few pages as competition

People searching for “Widgets” – maybe this keyword phrase gets 1000 searches a month BUT has 2500 competing webpages.

This could be hard to rank for BUT what if Rank Tracker told you that there were 800 searches for the phrase “Blue Widgets” and there were only a handful of web pages optimised for that phrase.

You then create a page specifically optimised for the term “Blue Widgets”

Website Auditor

Search Engines have a set criteria when they index your website. Is your site well organised ? Is it https secure, mobile friendly etc.

Search Engines also check your webpages to identify what the page is about, what the page title is, any H1 headings, images with alt text added etc .

Example – you sell “Blue Widgets” , so does your “Blue Widgets” page have this in the url?,

But how do you know how well optimised your site is ?

What does Google really think about your website ?

How well optimised are your competitors – would you like to match them ?

Have you over optimised compared to your competitors.

You can do all this work manually but you would be working 24/7 every day of the year and you will make mistakes.

WebSite Auditor does all this for you and for multiple sites.

Download for free and try it out

SEO SpyGlass

Grab all your competitors back links, then get others they dont know about and outrank all of them

“Off Site SEO” – How many quality links you have pointing back to various pages on your site. Selling “Blue Widgets” ? then getting a link from a Widget Forum website along with a load of relevant text is a big tick as far as Search Engines are concerned. But getting lots of links from a rubbish spammy site to your website is really bad. Google will judge you on where you ‘hang out’.

Off-page / off site SEO includes essential SEO factors to ranking well in search engines, like backlinks, and they’re huge parts of any digital marketing strategy.

The problem is – you dont know who is linking to your site – and Search Engines will not give you the full data. But SpyGlass does give you the data and your competitors really dont want that.

Access the data Google wont make public

SEO Spyglass uses its own massive link index database with over 9 Trillion links plus associated enriched information. A bit like a private Google links database.

It filters out the bad links and gives you ALL the high value links from all your competitors

And even better – you can use SpyGlass on a monthly basis.  If you are a digital agency SpyGlass is your #1 tool of choice when offering backlink services to your clients.

If you are a techy business owner – you can use SpyGlass backlink data to get all the links from your competitors – plus other high value links they dont even know about

Interested ?