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Save history of your social communications

Keep the history of your communications in one place and always get back to the dialogs you need without daunting searches in various apps.

Free:No , Professional:Yes

Track all brand mentions

BuzzBundle an extremely powerful reputation management app you can fully rely on. It doesn’t miss out on any mention of your brand on forums, blogs, Q&A sites and social networks.

Free:30% , Professional:Unlimited

1/5/10 competition websites to get more niche buzz

Add your competitors to your BuzzBundle project and see what their customers are talking about. Then plug into these conversations to create more buzz about your company.

Free:1 , Professional:5

3/5/10 additional sites in each project

10 additional sites into your project (depending on the license type). The more sites you add, the more mentions BuzzBundle will find for you.

Free:3 , Professional:5

Unlimited brand keywords

keywords you set determine the kind of discussions BuzzBundle identifies.. Set as many keywords as you have in mind – along with your main and additional URLs, they’ll help you find all conversations related to your brand.

Free:No , Professional:Yes

100 different personas (acting as different people or groups)

Personas are the core of your BuzzBundle project. You can set real people, groups of people and even companies as personas. The more personas you add, the more buzz you’ll grow for your brand!

Free:50 , Professional:100

Unlimited profiles

Set unlimited number of profiles for each persona in your BuzzBundle project. You can either add existing profiles (e.g. your Facebook and Twitter accounts) or register new ones (e.g. forums and Q&A sites) right from the software.

Free:Unlimited , Professional:Unlimited

Automatically create new social profiles

Fill out registration info for your personas just once and let BuzzBundle automatically create new social profiles on forums, blogs, Q&A sites and social networking platforms you specify.

Free:Yes , Professional:Yes

Easy switching between profiles

BuzzBundle lets you easily pick a persona and a profile to post under – no need to waste your time on logging in and out from multiple accounts.

Free:Yes , Professional:Yes