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Proxy Servers to avoid Search Engine Overload


Due to its very nature any Social Media Management and Monitoring software can sometimes process a lot of data that it gets from Search Engines.   Google like BING and every other Search Engine out there has filters which can sometimes be triggered when one IP address seems to asking for too much data.

However BuzzBundle already has a way to circumnavigate this problem very simply. BuzzBundle allows you to specify hundreds of Proxy Server IP addresses. This means you appear to Search Engines not as your IP address but that of countless IP addresses as supplied by your Proxies.

The following proxy server companies offer great value – as they sell proxies on a monthly basis – so only use and pay for them when you need them and never fall victim to a Search Engine block again

Buy Proxies for UK – Europe – US etc and Squid tend to be mainly for the US

buy proxies for buzzbundle
squid proxies for buzzbundle

BuzzBundle allows using proxies for hiding actual location and has proxy rotation feature to switch between proxies during checks.

buzzbundle how to use proxy servers
proxy server diagram for buzzbundle