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Find out who – when – why and what people are saying about your company brand


Can you keep up with everything that is being talked about in your industry on FaceBook, Twitter, Blogs, Forums ?

How to improve your online presence – How to deal with negative content – How to use tools to effectively manage your online reputation – the solution is here – BuzzBundle from Link Assistant

What is it ?

Software that monitors all social media platforms as well as blogs, forums, websites for conversations about your company / brand /products – including mentions about the competition. You can have multiple profiles enabled so you can respond on any level.

Who is it for ?

Basically any website / company owner that has an online presence.  Even if you or your company are mainly a bricks and mortar company – if people talk about you online – you need to know about it. Your very own social media personal secretary, working 24×7 for you and will dig out even the smallest mention of whatever you ask it to – with a few clicks you can interact and respond or schedule responses.

Why use it ?

It saves you lots of time and money. It can be automated and scheduled, one click and you can update / respond to any mention of you or your company, you can have multiple accounts / profiles, it will inform you of what the competition are saying / doing. You can engage with customers and potential customers 24×7 anywhere online.


Dozens of social accounts managed by one person

BuzzBundle is a one-stop solution to post, respond, and engage in conversations on any social platform, with any number of social accounts, and all in a matter seconds.


buzzbundle social media management tools

Multiple identities for your brand / company, Director, Sales Rep, Techy, Creative, User. Each one has many social accounts.


social media management for marketeers by buzz bundle

Communicate with a large number of social media platforms and sites – Blogs, Forums, FaceBook, Twitter, google+1.


buzzbundle tool for social media marketeers. Buzz controls all your facebook, twitter, blog and forums posts and login settings

From one identity you can integrate multiple profiles. Increase your brand awareness at every level.

Engage Buzz

Download buzzbundle for free or upgrade to the professional version whenever you want

Let BuzzBundle find the information that will create a strong online presence to maximize your reach.

Advanced management – Easy posting and messaging

Hundreds of social accounts – Reputation + social SEO in one tool

See who’s saying what about you or anyone else

See whats trending for your keywords

Manage social media activities

Communicate using different profiles / personas

Keep an eye on competitors’ social media

Spend less time doing social media management jobs get more done in less time.

No need to log in and out of social accounts. Easy to manage all your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other profiles in one place.

Automate & Schedule – be online 24/7,  schedule posts, messages, comments, replies and retweets for a set date and time.

It’s simple to use — start getting things done immediately after  installation

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